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You control your privacy

I am a digital media developer and blogger that's been building websites/projects on the net for the last 20 years. I've built prified based on what I've learned about the general privacy security policies of most big online social media brands. I value my privacy greatly and don't like how everyone's everything is automatically backed up in a cloud of giant media company that mines and sells your data without you even knowing it. That needs to change and prified is your secure solution & privacy control management center for what information you share online (in the CLOUD).

Blog & News Posts

I am a huge fan of the Internet and web/mobile technology. On prified I blog about some of my favorite topics ranging from quantum computing to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

prified.com offers free WordPress blog hosting with unlimited storage. Our safe and secure private social network has deep & interesting reads for the intellectual types. There’s also plenty of buzzworthy photos & videos about politics & Breaking NEWS.

Cloud Storage & Hosting

I If you’re anything like most of us then you’ve probably got several personal data clouds online that backup your photos, videos, blogs, emails, etc. In many cases people have multiple clouds with a single provider such as Google or Apple for example, while still having even more personal cloud storage provided by Microsoft and Amazon. 

On prified you can download & backup all of your cloud(s) into once secure, free and PRIVATE cloud. What’s even better than that is the free unlimited video hosting for permanently storing your mobile phone’s videos and your favorite viral videos from around the web.

What I first started

My WordPress Story

prified - Free WordPress Blog Hosting

I first got started in web development in 2001.

Back then, I was using an archaic tool called Microsoft Frontpage. After awhile I eventually dropped frontpage and upgraded to WordPress to power my websites.

Then, in 2007 I started creating one of the web’s early social networks called thoughts.com. Because Thoughts was a social media blogging community I wanted to build something original and different than other products that were on the market. So, I developed thoughts.com OUTSIDE of WordPress.

That was a mistake.

Many years and many dollars later I eventually closed down thoughts.com because the overhead on what I’d created was just to high.

Looking back on it now its obvious that I should have developed it on WordPress all along.

Now its 2020 already and the web has come great distances since then. The major social networks all sold their souls for a dollar long ago and they’re seriously needing some major improvements to their privacy policies. Most of the major social networking websites sell their users’ data to companies like Cambridge Analytica which further proceed to data mining your personal information.

I’ve built prified because we need a private social network cloud that is fully controlled and managed by its personal owner.  Sign up today for free. Find & share the best content of the web from Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp to Twitter and Reddit.