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I am a website creator and online blogger of 20 years and I’m still going.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that BIG social media companies like Facebook don’t respect their user’s privacy and personal online security. 

I created prified to give people a safe place for saving photos, videos, posting & sharing content. You can post anonymously or share publicly with friends and other prified members.

You have COMPLETE control over you privacy settings. Who can see your details, leave comments, etc. its all up to your preferred settings.

Privacy matters and prified is the ultimate solution to securing your data online. Create one account to store EVERYTHING that matters to you most in one secure place.

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Personal bloggers, fashion photographers, video creators, affiliates & digital marketers can easily publish, save & share your favorite online content on 

You have complete control over each item of content your share on prified and can determine the privacy settings including “Private” “Friends Only” and “Public” settings for each of one your blog posts, photos, podcasts & videos.

When you create public posts you’ll have an instant audience with the global prified community of users and can quickly grow your subscribers. Publish direct to social media from prified & automate your content publishing process.

You can even create your own LIVE streaming channel and host unlimited videos delivered by WordPress’s lightening fast CDN at world-class speeds.

You're in Control

Your privacy is our top priority.

We’ve designed and built prified with privacy, safety and security in mind to become the web’s all-in-one solution and content creation source for a private social media management.

Quickly manage all your social media accounts from one place. Chat with friends from Facebook messenger & WhatsApp.

REPOST Instagram photos, videos & stories.

Publish your content to  Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, WhatsApp and share posts via SMS & email.

Use WordPress blogging CMS for creating beautiful web pages in just a few minutes.

Backup your cloud(s) now to a safe & secure, PRIVATE & personal cloud that you control. Our hybrid-cloud storage is flexible and adaptable to cross-channel platforms

Personal cloud storage and free WordPress hosting technology puts you in control of what you share & who you share with.

Explore the best of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit & WhatsApp.

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